word books

writing is not my strong suit. I know, I blog, and surprisingly I've written over 900 posts. Here I just talk. But I know writers and I work with writers. They are the people who can write. So I cheat.

Yesterday I was trying to write some product copy for my newest font Reading & Writing Doodles and I had no interesting words. So that is when I reached for my Words That Sell book. It is always within arms reach. It allowed me to write something that was readable. I've moved that book though 3 states so I know I've had it for over 10 years. When I went to write this post and get info on that book I see that there is now a More Words That Sell book by the same author and a Phrases That Sell book. I think the Phrases That Sell is geared towards web copy. So I immediately ordered the second 2 books.

The book I do have is REALLY simple to use. You look up what you are trying to say... like New/Advanced and there is a page of 50 different ways to tell someone that your product is new or advanced. Also gives opening statements, closing statements, terms and offers. I'd be lost without it. Links are below is you want to cheat too.