Winter Solstice

W inter Solstice always makes me happy. The dark days of Winter getting longer is the first sign that again this year there will be an end to Winter.

In trying to make new Christmas traditions this year Sunday night we went to the Olbrich Winter Solstice Bonfire. Madison is a city of neighborhoods and this was a neighborhood celebration. There was hot chocolate, and drumming and 10 ft tall puppets and a lovely Winter bonfire. About the time we were leaving it looked like the neighbors were dragging branches that fell during the recent storm to add to the bonfire.

Loved the ice candles that lit the way. These were made with water and pails. How simple, how fun, Martha would approve.

Very weird weather coming our way for Christmas... today snow, then freezing rain, then the standing water will turn to ice. We are staying home this holiday but now are wondering if the kids who were going to Iowa for Christmas may be here instead... or not at all. We were going to the Symphony Hymn Sing tonight but time will tell if we will get out or not... Very odd holiday weather... and it is odd when we Midwesterns change holiday travel plans. I remember one year driving home for Christmas on roads that had been officially closed but we didn't know it. And this was pre cell phones.