Will the Real Candidates Please Stand Up?


If you’re confused about tomorrow’s primary recall election in Wisconsin, you’re not alone. Here’s a guide to navigate through the fakes and frauds to the real candidates for each of six offices.

Your vote is very important because the GOP is running six Republicans as fake Democratic candidates. Does that sound fishy? It is. Because voters don’t have to declare party allegiance in the primaries, many Republicans may cross over to the Democratic side and vote for the weakest gubernatorial challenger to create an easy race for Walker. They can also decide to cast their votes for the other five fakes.

“The Republicans have very little incentive to stay on their side of the ballot,” University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee political scientist Mordecai Lee said. “There’s a possibility a tsunami of Republican voters will cross over and mess things up.”

So please don’t ignore this crucial primary—but please do igonore the fake Democrats on the ballot.

Vote tomorrow, May 8, for one of these four real Democratic candidates for governor: Kathleen Falk, Tom Barrett, Kathleen Vinehout, or Doug LaFollette

Vote for Democratic candidate Mahon Mitchell as Lt. Governor.

If you live in District 13, please vote for Lori Compas for Senate.

In District 21, vote for John Lehman.

In District 23, vote for Kristen Dexter.

In District 29, vote for Donna Seidel.

After the primary, we’ll enthusiastically support the Democratic winners. We’ll come together for a month of hard work leading up to the general election on June 5, just like we did when we gathered signatures for these historic recalls. We’ll be outspent, but no one will outdo us in getting our fellow citizens to vote out the GOP, right?

Please volunteer or donate at http://www.unitedwisconsin.com/recall-walker-reclaim-wisconsin

Support Lori Compas in her exciting David vs Goliath attempt to unseat Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald http://www.loricompas.org/ If you can’t vote in her district, you can still donate your time and/or money to her campaign.