what's on your needles?


socks, socks are always on my needles. I like them knit tight with a k3, p1 rib and a short row heel and toe on a 0 needle. It is a good long wearing, utilitarian sock. I also started to reinforce the heels after wearing 4 pair out this last Winter. In addition to these socks I will have given 3 pair as gifts this year.

I have knit and reknit this poor yarn 3 or 4 times. Sometimes you get some great yarn and then can't quite figure out what it should be. This is going to be a shrug, I hope.


Last week I visited a yarn store in Galena with my good friend Laurie. They had a very pretty mohair scarf. I have a lot of mohair from another project that never quite worked out. From my stash I pulled 4 colors of mohair and 5 novelty yarns. The white ribbon yarn came from my Mom's stash. I hope I can make this work.

Most knitters want a stash, gleefully add to their stash, enjoy having a closet or room full of yarn. I don't. I never wanted a stash. I am thrilled when I can knit from my stash. I hate excess stuff. But on the upside I do have a lot of great, pretty yarn. So it was nice to mix and match from my own 6 wicker bins of yarn...

So tell me, what's on your needles?

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