what's on the drawing board


busy, busy, busy here as usual. New Orleans Doodles is coming along quite nicely. It is all drawn and John is working on it now... It might be available by the end of next week if all goes well.



Here is the very beginnings of the Flower & Leaf Border font. I will draw squares of art and kern them so you can put as many together as you need to make a border. Art can be used alone or in a border. I'll also make an outline border and a mask so you can easily add a second color. Lots of thinking here yet. Plus I want to figure out how to make these somehow 'stackable'. Then you can just add the mask and color it without making it vector art.



And some big news... HypeForType in the UK has asked to carry our fonts! We are excited about this. I am in the process of getting all of my files to them. I guess that means I should get back to work... I hope you day is as sunny and pretty as it is here!