what's on the drawing board

in 1999 I drew Tall Skinny Condensed. It is a popular font, but I know so much more about making fonts now. This font only had a basic character set so recently I added the rest so it has 256 characters. I also redrew some characters a little and respaced and rekerned it. I am renaming this font Ultra Condensed.

Then taking the basic shapes of the first font I hand lettered the second font. Next I hope to make a thinner version of this font. I say I hope because you never know until you get well into the font if what you are trying to do will actually work. Then if not the font sits for years while I think about it. I am finally far enough into this that I am enjoying the process. I often start over with a hand lettered font several times.

Much of font work is repetitive and I finished the second season of Downton Abby last week while I worked. So as I work am now pondering New Orleans Doodles. After this three font family I will be happy to draw some beads and masks and food. Fun!

And I've had this blank canvas that I've moved around for decades. And we need a big piece of art in the stairwell so I am going to do a kind of Jackson Pollock type fun painting. When we were done painting some walls in the basement I just used the roller and added some paint for the background. No idea where this is going either. But then that is the fun of it.