What Citizens United Look Like


A year ago we chanted together for the first time: “The people united will never be defeated.” We need to remember that daily, because the flip side is that if Walker opponents are divided and attack one another during the recall elections, we will be defeated. Millions of dollars can not defeat us. The kind of divisive, ugly politics we have just witnessed in the Republican primaries could defeat us.

Remember when candidates Obama and Clinton fought long and hard for the 2008 presidential nomination? At the end of that time, President Obama honored Hillary Clinton by asking her to serve as his Secretary of State. Can you even imagine a Republican survivor of the 2012 primaries inviting one of his opponents to serve under him? That’s how far we have sunk in just four years.

Last week I watched Lori Compas deliver 1,800 nomination signatures to the Government Accountability Board office. Four hundred signatures were required within 10 days, but volunteers gathered those in just two days. Here’s what Lori said when she turned them in:

“There’s something amazing going on here and it isn’t about one person, and it certainly isn’t about one party. It’s about the people’s desire to return to our state’s best traditions of civility, good government, and a bipartisan commitment to progress.”

During this short campaign season, let’s find ways to unite as citizens of the state we all love. Visit http://www.unitedwisconsin.com

May Wisconsin continue to show the rest of the country that there is a better way to run for office and, when elected, to govern. The world is still watching.