welcome to walkerville

Walkerville, a temporary tent-city of protest, has sprung up on the Capitol Square this week in order to focus attention on unwise and immoral provisions in the budget bill about to be passed by our GOP –controlled state government (dubbed “Fitzwalkerstan”). Campers of all types- including families with children -spend the nights in tents and sit beside make-believe campfires. We all believe that we’re struggling together for the soul of Wisconsin.

Walkerville is political satire, a reference to squatter communities during the depression known bitterly as “Hoovervilles” because of the President’s inability to even admit to the existence of a national crisis. As such, Walkerville is a learning opportunity for adults and for kids. I created the two signs below to teach the children how wandering hobos during the depression signaled each other via secret

code. Walkerville kids have the opportunity to create sidewalk chalk signs of their own like I did “Bad governor here.”

For daily legislative and Walkerville activity schedule plus more photos. http://wisaflcio.typepad.com/