valentine's day font sale

$14 fonts all day long on the 14th!

Yes, on the 14th you can order all the fonts you want, all day long, for just $14 each. Regular price is $29. Click on either the ALL fonts or NEW fonts link to see your choices.

To get your fonts for $14 just follow this 2-step process.


Email Rae at with the fonts you want to order. We will start the Pay Pal order process by sending you an invoice.

VERY IMPORTANT: Either email us from the SAME email address that your PayPal account is linked to or plz provide that address. Otherwise PayPal will tell us that you do not have an account.


You pay from the Pay Pal invoice and I email you your fonts.

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(And I am getting a real shopping cart. So next time the ordering process will be much easier with immediate downloads too!)