The Graduate Hotel

We recently stumbled into the Graduate Hotel here in Madison. I was completely charmed. They have a more casual college type restaurant on the main floor. I want to take my computer there and spend the day on one of the red leather couches working and soaking up the groovyness.

If this wall isn't right out of a Wes Anderson movie I don't know what is.

Love the canoe lighting. I think they are all old UW canoes. Great choice of different bulbs. Good eye to detail everywhere.

Quirky art.

And I ask you, who doesn't love a good bathroom?

The Blind is the 7th floor restaurant. It has a good vibe. And great food. Next time I must have the beet salad and squash soup. But John is completely taken with the burger that has a jalapeno jam topping it. Snacks, small plates, large plates, all good. The Blind has both views of the Capitol and Lake Mendota.

And this really is a hotel. The beds look comfy. I liked the clean, spare look of the rooms, with interesting things on the walls. It is on Langdon near the UW. So a great location too. #thegraduatehotel #thegraduatehotelmadison