unlikely alliances

A great feature of Scott Walker’s attack on public workers is the solidarity it has brought to Wisconsinites of all types. Who would have thought that a mild-mannered freelance graphic designer like me would have so much in common with bikers? On May 1, a thousand bikers came to the Capitol Square for Thunda Around the Rotunda, a ride to protest our governor’s far right agenda. I was there to cheer them on with my new sign “We still protest LOUDLY: Day 76” I made my sign on Day 1, the first protest sign I have ever carried. It has gotten thicker as I layer signs for every new occasion upon the sturdy stick I made that first day (by duct-taping together all of the paint-stirrers we had in the house). Thank you, Scott Walker, for bringing together public sector workers, private sector workers, farmers, bikers, environmentalists, handicapped adults and children-you’ve done something to harm every one of us. But you’ve also made us realize that standing together we are stronger.

Carrie Scherpelz is a freelance graphic designer here in Madison. She’s always asking the question: “What motivates people to take action?” Her keen observations of human behavior help her create compelling communication that gets results. As a designer, photographer, and writer, she has an integrated approach that will help you increase your direct marketing response rates.

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