I've decided once a week to share a treasure of mind with all of you. I have a quirky collection of 'treasures'. Some are worth a lot of money most are not. Most have a memory or person who is attached that help make it a treasure.

My artist friend Ann in Rochester makes these great hammers. I know I've given a few as gifts. Everyone needs a hammer. And unfortunately I think a lot of things can be fixed with one. And I can't believe that all 3 of these ended up in the apartment since so much of our stuff is in storage.

You can see Ann's work at

I didn't see any hammers on her site but if you ask nicely I am sure she'd be happy to make you one.

Oh yes... John had to tell me that all the small hammers where not the girl hammers that they were finishing hammers and it would be nice if they didn't keep disappearing and showing up again painted.