Treasure... painting from John

Mona Lisa's, one of our favorite restaurants in Eau Claire had this painting on its wall in the dining room. I'd try to get a table where I could see and admire it while we ate. Apparently I would always comment on that painting. It is large, probably 3' x 7'.

The painting reminds me of my Mom and Dad and how they would sometimes fall asleep watching TV, just like the 2 people in the painting.

Every Fall Lisa from Mona Lisa's has a Wine and Art Sale. I went down and got some wine and checked just in case this painting was in the sale. It wasn't.

And low and behold on December 24th of that year as I was putting finishing touches on Christmas the doorbell rang and there was Lisa with this painting. Months before John had talked her into selling this painting to him for me.

I have such a wonderful husband. And he buys such good gifts.