Every year I try and grow tomatoes. Every year I have less than great results. Each year I learn a little more, try something different and try a different location in our small condo yard.

Now I am buying the biggest plants I can get at the Farmer's Market. That does help. Plus the woman told me that I have to water daily and water 1-2 gallons per plant. And in the heat of the Summer water twice a day. Watering certainly has been part of my problem.


Location is another as we don't have a really sunny spot. This year I am using the sunniest spot in the yard. The wooden slats were on our upper balcony on the rubber roof. We are replacing those and the good little recyclers we are decided to use them for the garden area.

John moved some perennials and dug down and leveled the ground and put two of these in, one on top of the other.


Got some deeper, bigger pots for the tomatoes. Other pots are for basil. Will add another row of smaller pots for other herbs and some maybe some flowers.


This is this Summer's attempt at container gardening. Can't wait to plant but it is still too early here. What plants I do have need to go out during the day and come in at night. But a sure sign that Spring is right around the corner.