thonet chairs?


As you know I have a real weakness for chairs. When I saw that the UW SWAP was featuring these I made an early morning trip to stand in the rain for a half an hour to try and score them. I really wanted one to use with my Dad's small mid-century desk. But they were heavy and all stacked together so I took them all. I thought I was buying 4 and was surprised when I got home to find I had 5. So I sent them a check for the one I didn't pay for.

They are in good shape and sturdy and surprisingly heavy. They have the 'Thonet Original' mark burnt into the underside of the seat. I love the red legs. The shape of the leg and the bent plywood suggests to me that they are mid-century.

I looked online and found absolutely nothing. Has anyone ever seen chairs like these? I am curious as to whether they are important enough that I should be cautious in what I do or if I can just take them apart and refurbish. Any ideas anyone?