this is what creativity lOoks like

lately, people have been asking me “Aren’t you embarrassed about what’s happening in your state of Wisconsin?” They are referring to the radical actions of Governor Walker’s administration that are the antithesis of our open, fair, bipartisan government. My answer: I’m proud of Wisconsin. I’m so proud that we are not taking this lying down. Volunteers collected tens of thousands of petition signatures, so we are now beginning 9 historic Senate recall elections. Hundreds of thousands of us have peacefully and creatively resisted Scott Walker, his GOP legislature and his partisan Supreme Court. Protesters hound Walker wherever he goes, even to GOP fund-raisers in other states, even if they must travel by boat-but that’s another story! These photos highlight just one creative action: the protests of chalk artists.

Unfortunately you can’t hear this photo of Solidarity you see on two levels. If you could, you’d hear the passing car honk a syncopated “This is what democracy looks like”, a common sound on the Capitol Square.

By August 16, the Senate recalls will be over and the effort to unseat Walker will begin. It will take an immense swell of creative, positive energy to sustain this work. It’s said that Wisconsin is where democracy will live or die.