the vector brush sourcebook by emily portnoi

  • A complete guide to making and using digital brushes with Adobe illustrator
  • Includes 300 high-quality, royalty-free, and original brushes on the accompanying CD
  • Step-by-step tutorials show how to make, amend, and apply brushes
  • Features inspirational work created with brushes
  • The Vector Brush Sourcebook is a one-stop resource for designers and illustrators who want to learn more about illustrator brushes—how to make them, apply them, edit them, and use them to stunning effect. Digital brushes are powerful and flexible tools that can speed up and enhance the creative workflow; this book will help unleash their potential.

    The book includes extensive galleries showing 300 different brushes, along with details about how they were made. Each brush is also included on the accompanying CD, providing users with a wealth of creative opportunities. Step-by-step tutorials demonstrate key techniques, and inspiring visuals show how vector brushes can be used to create standout graphics.

    People suggest to me that I should make some brushes. Since I don't use brushes I thought I'd start with getting this book (which looks like a very good introduction) and at least read about it and make a couple. I am thinking it might be fun to make some brushes that work back to the Drop Cap fonts.

    Any thoughts from anyone? How about a Free Brush of the Month Club? Do any of you use brushes? Like brushes? Hate brushes? Want brushes?

    (If anyone is interested there is a link for this book on the right.)