the ultimate recycling project....

This is what the fireplace looked like before we moved in. This fireplace gave off NO heat. It was warmer if we just had lit candles in it. And we had a chimney fire. So it was time for it to go. One day last October John and his buddy Jim took it out. That also included taking out the chimney. John had to patch the ceiling in the living room, the floor in my closet and the roof.

From fireplace to fire pit.

Over the Winter John took out the hearth and we had flooring laid to match the rest of the room. At some point we would like a contemporary gas fireplace in the corner. But first things first.

After a load of crushed something or another buddy Jim is back to lend some brawn and moral support.

And now we are ready for the first fire of the season! S'more makings, hot dogs and sticks have been bought.

The only thing that we bought was the crushed rock/sand. I love it when you can successfully reuse something and be better for it.

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