the sewing machine project...

My neighbor and graphic artist friend Lois is on the board for this organization. I think this is an amazing project. The Sewing Machine Project is five years old and it was started to help tsunami victims in Southeast Asia. It has delivered almost 1,000 sewing machines within the United States and to five other countries--most recently, Haiti. They have replaced machines lost to hurricanes and tsunamis. And have also helped women start sewing collectives to become self-sustaining.

They have created a line of bags out of recycled sails under the SeaHope name, and are selling them to raise funds to help those affected by the oil spill in the US Gulf. They are now collaborating with an organization that refurbishes women's shelters and planning to put sewing areas into these shelters.

They accept sewing machines, fabric and notions, and cash. $30 will ship a sewing machine somewhere and I just donated using PayPal.

I cannot imagine being without a sewing machine, this holiday season it would be nice to help those who need one.