The move continues...

Every day is moving day here is some shape or form. Saturday we went home and got our stuff that was in storage and came back to Madison and unloaded. Lots of help from people on each end. Our condo is smallish... About 650 sq ft on each level. So the basement level or the Man Cave is full of shelving and boxes. Eventually this will be John's work space and a viewing room. I hate basements but am thrilled to have John have so much usable space. As we have looked at new fabulous condos we are always shocked at the general lack of storage space. So for the first time I am really happy to have a nice sized basement.

The square footage of this condo reminds me a lot of the house we built in Cedar Rapids. It was smallish and laid out in the way we lived. This space feels even more efficient, not a lot of rooms but good sized rooms and everything is very open.

Windows and flooring is ordered. Windows are specially made so we wait there. Next things are to get our apartment rented so we can get out of that lease and to get someone in here to take out a small wall. And to keep moving stuff from our apartment to the condo.