The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan

My friend Ann suggest this book. I truly enjoyed it but would not have probably chosen it without without her recommendation.

Kelly Corrigan’s family is long on characters, her father George chief among them. The center of an ebullient, raucous and largely untested tribe, George greets every day by opening his bedroom window and calling out, “Hello World!” Suffice to say, it was the kind of childhood a girl could get attached to. But, in the fall of 2004, crisis hit and Kelly discovered that although she had all the makings of an adult life—a marriage license, two birth certificates, a mortgage, and tax returns—she was still more daughter than mother.

THE MIDDLE PLACE is about being a parent and a child at the same time. It is about the special double-vision you get when you are standing with one foot in each place. It is about the family you make and the family you came from and locating, navigating, and finally celebrating the place where they meet.