The Girl with No Shadow by Joanne Harris

This book is the sequel to Chocolat which I loved. Unfortunately I did not know this was the sequel I just thought it was by the same author. I wish I had gone back and reread Chocolat first. But I thoroughly enjoyed this book anyway.

Four years have passed since Vianne Rocher left her small town in France and moved to the Montmartre district of Paris. Since then, Vianne has renounced magic and changed her name to Yanne Charbonneau and runs a chocolaterie. There, Yanne embraces conformity and safety, much to the dismay of her increasingly troubled older daughter, Anouk. When Anouk becomes entranced with Zozie de l'Alba, who happens upon a job at the new shop, and the relationship grows increasingly sinister, Yanne must call up all of Vianne's powers, culinary and mystical, to save her family.

Of course I was particularly pleased because the book was set in Paris around the Sacre Coeur. So bits of the book reminded me of our trip and our last day in Paris almost a year ago now.