The Film Club by David Gilmour

It was a bad time for David Gilmour. His beloved, unhappy 15-year-old son was flunking every subject at school. So David offered an unconventional deal: His son could drop out--not work, not pay rent--but there was a catch. He had to watch 3 movies a week of his father's choosing. Together they formed the Film Club. The films got them talking about girls, music, heartbreak, work, drugs, love, friendship--and open doors to a teenager's life when a parent is normally shut out.

I really enjoyed this book. Gilmour had a career with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where he was a film critic. I enjoyed his comments about all the movies and the list they watched. I initially read the book thinking I'd get some good movie recommendations. There were some, I'd seen some but a lot were father-son guy movies.

This is a true story and it certainly took guts to quit pushing your kid in a direction he was not going to go and think outside the box and come up with such a creative alternative.