the colors of Christmas... and a Giveaway!


this postcard that I have had for many years always amuses me.

Two reasons. First I use to work for Seiferts, a collection of women's clothing stores that is no more. Always in June I started to figure out what colors Christmas would be. I still remember the year of mauve. Frankly I never did like mauve even when it was in. That was a last minute change. (Mr. Seifert said we always had to be able to change on a dime. And if I had a dime for every time he told me that...) Lots of scurrying to get mauve ribbon, boxes, paper etc.

Second, I always think through what color my Christmas will be so I can coordinate paper, ornaments etc. It was cute, one year when my parents were coming to our house Mom even called ahead asking what my paper was that year so she could coordinate too.

And I've never quite figured Christmas out here in the small condo. So my last years have been a dumbed down version of the last big house and my colors were lime & aqua & orange & purple & red and hot pink.

Tomorrow I'll share my smaller, less colorful little decorating palette. Happy decorating!

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Enjoy and Happy Holidaze!