the burning house

very interesting site. The Burning House lets you submit a photo of what you would take if your house was burning. We had a fire once and I had to leave scantly clad. What did I go back in for? Clothes? No. My laptop. Yes. I kept asking the firemen if I could go and get my wedding ring and they kept saying no. So if I had to do it again I would hope I was fully clothed and wearing my wedding ring. I would take my purse, hope my iPhone was in my pocket, grab my Canon G12 camera, my MacBookPro and my Air and that would probably be it for me.

This makes me seem very unsentimental but I guess I would want the things I'd need to get my life going again. I think I live in the here and now. Take a look at the site and see what other people would take. Better yet take a picture and send in what you would take. This website has given me a lot to think about.