teach me how to protest

A popular store on the Square, Capitol Kids, designs and sells Wisconsin-red “Teach me how to protest” t-shirts. All of the demonstrations in Madison (since the first on February 15) have been family events. I like to think that the small children and high school/college students who have taken part in this historic protest will never forget to vote. I hope they have been stirred and inspired, like I have been. I hope they have learned that “This is What Democracy Looks Like”. It begins but does not end at the ballot box. This week in the Rotunda, I met a family of four from Green Bay who come every weekend to protest in Madison-mom, dad, a teenage daughter in a wheelchair and a middle school daughter. All carried their signs proudly and the middle schooler told me she had spoken to the crowds in the Capitol through a megaphone. Good for her- a current and future leader!

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