tap distance pro


here is a new walking app that I like a lot.

Tap Distance Pro is an essential app for everyone with an iPhone that calculates and shows the total distance (miles or kilometers) traveled on any journey. Tap Distance works wherever you are, even if you're running, biking, driving, walking, climbing, or swimming. It's really easy to use too, so you dont have to waste time tweaking settings and options. Just launch the app and you're good to go.

Features: ★ iOS4 Multitasking Support-Leave it running in the background and it’ll still calculate your distance traveled. So even if you exit to your iPod, Safari, or anywhere, Tap Distance will be busy calculating in the background. ➤Pinpoint accuracy useful for walks, bike rides, long or short drives, train rides, airplane rides, boat rides and cruises - as long as you’re moving, Tap Distance is calculating. ➤Works anywhere you go. No internet connection required. ➤Day/Night mode - simply slide the current view to change from night mode to daylight mode and vice versa. ➤Tap circle to change from miles to kilometers, and vice versa. ➤Fully functional timer so you can time your journeys or workouts. ➤Three trips support: Trip A, B, and C- all work simultaneously. Tap on ‘Trip’ box to change trips.

*Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

(Thanks Laurie for the recommendation.)