Minnesota Travelogue, Part 1


A couple weeks ago we took a little Fall leaf trip. I've always wanted to do that, so we headed out to the Grand Marais, starting in Duluth.

Leaves were peaking in Duluth. Lots of yellow birch and green pines. I don't know if this area has and reds or oranges. If so, those were long gone. It was cool and overcast the entire time. But we still had a great time.

We drove over this waterfall on the drive North. On the driver's side of the car was the waterfall and this was the shot from the passenger side.

Leaves were almost done in the Grand Marais. I like to take pictures of textures.

So, so happy were were told to go to Artist's Point. If I go again I would go at dawn on a sunny day to truly capture this place. As it was I was wearing a Winter coat and it was windy. Still, so worth it.

My friend Nancy would call this trip "going on a wander" and that was what we did. It was great, it was relaxing and there was no schedule.

That is all for Part 1. Next post will cover shopping and eating...