you like real mail, I know you do


Admit it. Getting real mail is a day brightener. It is a gift.

Unfortunately letter writing is a lost art. I know I like email as much as the next person. But getting something in the mail is just so special. Even more so when it is a cute Paris card from my friend Justine. (Who by the way has a new blog. Worth checking out.)

I just finished sending a note to my brother-in-law with an article about musky fishing on our lake and a letter to a friend who has been sick for a very long time. I send an elderly friend a 'monthly packet'. I put a little package together which usually includes a book and any other interesting show and tell I can come up with... a recipe... pictures of my newly planted flowers on my deck... whatever.

I must say I enjoy the process. I like picking out the card. I just started to letter the envelope rather than just writing the persons name on it. I like to include some little something that has crossed my desk. It makes me happy to clip it to my mailbox knowing that in just a couple days it will arrive in another mailbox in another state.

Go ahead, write someone. Make their day!