Alaska Adventure, Days 3 and 4

Day 3 was a travel day. But one where we stopped for endless photos and had lunch at the Alyeska Ski Resort. We took the Tram Dine and Ride which took us up the mountain for lunch. We ended that day in Seward. Everything is crazy far away from the next thing in Alaska. Alaska is bigger than Texas, California and Montana put together.

Day 4 was a boat ride out of Seward. John is going to tell you about this because I didn't go. I barely make it to the top of Denali so opted out of a 6 hour boat ride.

John:  This is the Holcroft Glacier. Our destination for the ride. I chose this photo in part because of the boat in the foreground to give some perspective to the majesty! This is about a quarter mile high at this point with a river running underneath. So breath taking.

We encountered whales, a pod of Orca, porpoise, sea otters (which are quite large) as well as two types of seals and countless birds. Everyone liked the puffins.

No picture or video can do the glacier justice but here are two short videos. The first as I get my first glimpse...

...this second video as we are about to leave. Just so beautiful!

Undoubtedly, better pictures have been taken. More eloquent words have been written. But my experience on this trip was spiritual. Not in a religious manner per se but in the wonder of all creation. No matter your belief or lack there of, there is no denying this world's splendor.