got a question, rae has an answer

Generally I seem to have the answer or at least an opinion.  And some say I give that information rather freely. So why not here? Actually from time to time on Facebook I am asked really good questions so I thought I should post them here so that others who may even have better answers or at least different answers can share their thoughts too. That said here is a very good questions from Shari.


QMy name is Shari and I am a font-a-holic. Rae, could you possibly recommend a book that shows which fonts compliment each other?


aThanks for your confession Shari. And I am afraid you have stumped me. There really should be a book on this but I have never seen one. This is that thing that I just know. Kind of like which colors go together. But that 'knowing' has come from years of doing. I am going to keep thinking about this. Does anyone else know of a book like this?

The way I have honed this skill is to be like you first a font-a-holic. Second, I keep all kind of samples of fonts used together that I like. And if you don't know what the font is I recommend, 'What the Font' on Third, I always start a job by choosing the font. I spend a lot of time on this because it is important to have the right font for the right job. If there is an illustration in my project I try and tie the font to that with the right weight as well as feel. If the illustration is hand drawn I use a hand lettered font. If the illustration has thick and thin lines I use a font that had the same weight of thick and thin lines. I also use a more fun headline font and a less fun, more readable body copy font. And in my case when in doubt I always fall back to Helvetica for body copy. I know some think it is over used but I think good design is good design.

Fonts are generally a very reasonable way to make your project stand out. If possible I buy a new font for each job which helps me brand those projects and helps me grow my font library.

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