getty images video

  Very fun little video from Getty Images.

Short and Sweet has teamed up with Getty Images to launch a film challenge with a twist.

Getty Images approached producer Basil Stephens and Short and Sweet founder Julia Stephenson with the idea of setting up a film competition which would make use of images in Getty's Hulton Archive. Stephenson drew from her in-depth knowledge of the short film arena to suggest a selection of talented filmmakers.

After picking out ten up-and-coming directors, she gave them the opportunity to pitch. Four of the filmmakers made it on to the shortlist and got the chance to realise their ideas. They were given three months to create their films.

The challenges aim was to highlight the breadth and depth of content available at the Hulton Archive, which offers a unique resource to filmmakers and creatives alike. But rather than set a rigid brief, the challenge offered key words and phrases as prompters to guide the filmmakers creativity. Examples of these prompters included discover our past, images that shape our future, still & moving imagery, ordinary people, ordinary things and extraordinary people, extraordinary things.

(Thanks Nancy!)

doghouse commercial...

I saw this last year, but it is just as cute this year. John and I watched it together and reminisced about his first gift to me... a fan because he was hot... and a cover for the Miata... he has somehow gotten better over the years... pearls, a painting I loved from a restaurant... a candy bar machine from another restaurant... if there is something somewhere I like he will just call them up and buy it. I guess you can escape from the doghouse...

(Thanks Nancy!)