DIY Contemporary Pumpkins

Fall is here and that means pumpkins. I've done marbleized ones, drill holes and put lights in them, carved them, etc. But this year I am going to do shiny, mirror-like ones.

I think I may have mentioned a rather creative red wall in another house. Ever since then as soon as I am going to paint, my very sweet husband convinces me that he would really like to do this for me.

He attached a bungee cord to the ceiling in the basement, masked off the stem and tied a string from the bungee cord to the stem. Using a can of Rust-oleum Metallic Finish paint he sprayed the pumpkin. Also added some glitter while the paint was still wet.

After dry, I take off the tape and put a watery green acrylic wash over the stem as they are kind of brown.

The bit of red is the reflection from my red iPhone case.

Done. And Bob's your uncle.

(Bonus, the dots on the wall are the reflection of the glitter. Fun!)