Fun with fonts!


Summertime is travel time or armchair travel time. Paris, London, New Orleans, Chicago, Waikiki and Lake Vacation Doodles. For a limited time these 6 fonts are only $9 each. (Normally $15.) You can see them here If you want to use these fonts to print things you want to sell contact Rae (using the Ask Rae link above) she would be delighted to chat with you.


Here is an example of what can be done with these little doodles. Illustrations from Lake Vacation and Waikiki Doodles are used along with some from Wilderness, Woodland, Nautical Doodles and I am sure a few more. This is a fabric design that is available at Spoonflower. I am currently turning this fabric into dishtowels and napkins.


Whether we are travelers or not we are heartbroken about Notre Dame. We visited Notre Damn in 2007. In the big book of prayer we wrote my mother's name and John's aunt's name. Both were in poor health. We knelt in prayer for them. I also remembered my Dad telling me as a young soldier how he attended Mass there. I had the privilege of being there and now so many will not. All so very sad.

On that note get out and enjoy some Spring-ish weather. I live in Wisconsin and Spring is teasing us. And those are the best days of the year. Because we so delight in them and we are so needy.