sweet, sweet mail...

I want to share this with you because it is so perfect.

And it hits the mark on so many levels. Some sweet words, nice lettering, the colors all work in a nice subtle way and the stamps.

Yes the stamps, not only do I like the stamps but I enjoy the positioning of them and that it was hand cancelled.

But the stamp. I admired it on the envelope and then went to the Van Gogh to Pollock exhibit a couple days later and...

Here was the exact Motherwell painting. I love it that I could text a picture of this to my friend who of course had chosen that stamp especially for me.

I know you are wondering what was in the envelope. Well it is a very old Carte Postale stamped 27 4 08. For some reason I have a real connection to the Sacre Coeur.

And then a couple days later I got another meaningful card in the mail. My ex-roomie Rhonda had bought this card for me over a year ago. The illustration is an actual piece of vintage, hand blocked, painted wallpaper. And because she knows me so well the message was dead on. And just the thing I needed to read that day. Thanks Rhonda!

I realize the bar is pretty high here but ignore that and send your Mom or Grandma a card. In a sea of bills and catalogs there is real power in real mail. I know this to be true.