Sway, the irresistible pull of irrational behavior by Ori and Rom Brafman

If you liked Blink and The Tipping Point I think you will enjoy this book. (If you haven't read those I highly recommend both.) It is not by the same author but makes you think about somewhat the same things. I am all about the process of things... how and why we do what we do. This book gave me a lot to think about. And the world seems very irrational to me now so this was a good book to read.

From Publishers Weekly
Recently we have seen plenty of irrational behavior, whether in politics or the world of finance. What makes people act irrationally? In a timely but thin collection of anecdotes and empirical research, the Brafman brothers—Ari (The Starfish and the Spire), a business expert, and Rom, a psychologist—look at sway, the submerged mental drives that undermine rational action, from the desire to avoid loss to a failure to consider all the evidence or to perceive a person or situation beyond the initial impression and the reluctance to alter a plan that isn't working. To drive home their points, the authors use contemporary examples, such as the pivotal decisions of presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush, coach Steve Spurrier and his Gators football team, and a sudden apparent epidemic of bipolar disorder in children (which may be due more to flawed thinking by doctors making the diagnoses). The stories are revealing, but focused on a few common causes of irrational behavior, the book doesn't delve deeply into the psychological demons that can devastate a person's life and those around him. (June)
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It is also a small book so it is a quick read. Under 200 pages and it is broken down into easy to read and think about chapters.

Nancy, thanks for the recommendation!