summertime knitting...

I have a big, heavy wool and mohair poncho I should be working on but in Summer I just can't knit with heavy, wool yarn. I can knit socks year round but I thought I'd work with some cotton yarn. So I am making baby hats out of Cascade Fixation which is 98% cotton and 2% elastic. I like the bit of stretch so the hat stays on the baby. (Yes Laurie this is the yarn you hated and gave me!)

And I got this great book full of really fun, contemporary baby hats. I am knitting the Bunny Tail hat. It is a darling little white hat with bunny ears. I'll put either blue or pink ribbons on the ears and include the other set of ribbons in case I guess wrong or the Mom and Dad don't know.

These cute hats (not in the book) are some that I have been knitting. They will go in my gift drawer because someone is always having a baby. But wouldn't this set be darling for triplets?