Still in the kitchen...

Still feeling like I am making no progress but I know I really am. It just doesn't look better. Boxes from the basement or apartment are emptied, things get washed and stowed in a cupboard. This is a good sized kitchen but with 30 year old cabinets. So they are inefficient unlike a newer kitchen where you get better usage from your space.

But this orange towel hanger surfaced. I bought it in a antique store once when I was with my friend Ann and never used it. It says Handoek, Bordendoek, Theedoek, Glazendoek. I think I once looked that up and it maybe says hand towel, dish towel, bath towel etc.

Back to it... this is my last shot at the kitchen. Later today or tonight all the random furniture on this floor goes in the kitchen so the new floor can go in.