stay-cation, days 6 & 7

The very things that make me a good work from home person work against me on a stay at home vacation. I didn't mentally go on vacation until Friday. Very bad. I tried, I really did. But I was having problems the week before trying to generate New Orleans Doodles and was emailing some really smart tech support guys. When they would send me a suggestion I had to try and email back. So I spent quite a few half days doing this. But on Friday I managed to send the files to That meant I was finally on vacation.

John made his lemon ricotta pancakes. Always good, always a treat.

One morning we took the kayaks to Mud Lake for a little morning outing.

And John came across a young goose whose foot was trapped under a board. He paddled into the group of hissing birds and managed to free the bird. Since we were kayaking in a rather remote area I am sure he was the only person who would have done that.

And we saw the movie Intouchables at Sundance which was very good, both sad and touching. I thought sad, John thought touching.

If I ever do another stay at home vacation I am not going to turn on my work computer and just do email from my Air or something like that...