stay-cation days 3, 4 and 5

Day 3 was a quiet little day. John golfed 27 holes and I fought the font and cleaned. I know, not vacation but it kind of is when you don't really have to do it. We made a nice little dinner and then had a night time Miata ride. Yesterday was non-stop as well as our 25th Anniversary! Started with a trip to Apple to get John's iPhone issue taken care of. And then on to the SWAP Shop in Verona. We had never been there. SWAP is UW-Madison's Surplus With A Purpose. It is a way to dispose of the State's surplus property. We got a 2 drawer Steelcase filing cabinet and a wire shelving unit for John's closet for $35. The also have an  Online Auction site. Yesterday I saw a card catalog on the auction but it seems to be gone now.

Then on to Epic, another place we had not been. All I can say is WOW. The size of the campus, the visual beauty of everything, the quiet, the openness, the colors, the art.

This was the visitors parking lot. And it was full, we squeezed in one of the last remaining spot.

You can walk the grounds, wander though the buildings and even take pictures but not videos.

Lots of funky, contemporary art everywhere.

Everything is themed... this was the circus conference room.

In case you don't know. Epic makes software for mid-size and large medical groups  and hospitals. Founded in 1979, Epic is private and employee-owned.

Their campus is HUGE, they are finishing up one set of buildings and starting on another. As I said everything is themed... the newest group of buildings will have a farm theme. We were amazed that visitors can just go out there and wander around. If you have a group you can get a tour, since we were just 2 we were given a handout and left to do a self guided tour. We were glad that we made the time to go out and wander around.

And today is the halfway point of our week. John is out golfing and I am going to give the bad font another shot. I think it is just a puttering kind of day which I love. Ending with lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries for dinner.