Split Second by David Baldacci

Baldacci is going to be our new audio book trip author. (We have worked our way through the Sue Grafton series and the John Grisham mysteries.) We like mysteries in the car.

I like to be in new places but don't like the process of getting there. I don't last long in the car but am improving. For any trip over an hour I go armed with Sarah my GPS, some simple knitting project and a book on CD.

Michelle Maxwell, a Secret Service agent assigned to a presidential candidate, sees her rising career slip away when the candidate is kidnapped. Eight years earlier, Agent Sean King was assigned to a candidate who was killed. With their professional lives similarly shattered, the two meet and uncover unlikely coincidences between the two events.

Not all books translate well to being trip books. But mysteries do. We'll listen and then turn the CD off and decide the butler did it. And then listen some more. John usually figures it out well before the book is done.