Solidarity, Please!


Last week the four Democratic candidates for Wisconsin governor made their pitches to a standing-room-only crowd in Madison. I attended apprehensively, fearful of seeing them in ugly political attack mode, but I came home very encouraged. They were respectful about their minor tactical differences. All four candidates are smart and are united in their views, including support for clean, green job policies, a return to higher state funding for public schools, technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System, and the restoration of collective bargaining for all state workers.

I decided I would be more than happy to have any one of them take the reins from Governor Walker. Here’s what I felt best about: they were all in favor of reversing the rule-making, crony-appointing powers the GOP has made part of Wisconsin law,

thus affecting all future governors. The candidates recognize those powers are a dangerous power grab, no matter what party controls the office. Their theme was “Power Back to the People”.

Here’s a link to the candidate forum so you can see for yourself

I ask that the four candidates show solidarity until one of them is chosen by voters in the May 8 primary. The people of Wisconsin protested and collected petition signatures as one, so we demand nothing less from them. We want to show the rest of the country that there is a better way to run for office.

And the world is still watching Wisconsin.