Ah yes, gone are the days when without a moments hesitation you just opened a garbage bag and threw stuff you no longer wanted in it and tossed it out. I yearn for those good old days. OK, I recycle, I get it, I reuse, I make found art stuff, I hate too much packaging, I understand getting rid of things in a way that is easy on the earth. But I have an exhausting move ahead of me from Eau Claire to Madison, from 2800 sq. ft to probably 1100.

So I am having a 3 day garage sale with an evening (by popular demand) sneak preview sale this week. And I am tired already. I believe in Feng Shui. I have unearthed childhood books, many, many, many boxes of Christmas decorations, way too many vases, candlesticks, espresso cups (and I don't even really drink coffee) and on and on and on.

We want a condo instead of another big house. That will free us up to travel instead of care for stuff. I hope to feel lighter after this purging. I have things that I have hauled around through 3, yes 3 states and 4 moves. It is time.

One part of me does feel a little sad to see these 'treasures' go. But I am happy to say that friends and family apparently want my stuff. So I will be happy to visit and see my treasures become someone else's treasures.