A little mid Century spiff....

We got a lot done this year on our condo. Re stained the deck, new faucets,  re grouted the shower, new plants in the flower bed. By we, I mean John. I provide moral support and lunch.


I am still dealing with knee problems and we have almost no comfortable furniture. So it was time. Poor John, when I make a major purchase we look at things in multiple stores in multiple cities in multiple states. While we were at a local store where I was buying a new Polywood Adirondack chair that fit me John, also known as Scout on these shopping missions, headed back to the clearance corner and texted me this lime set. Needing both main floor and man cave furniture we got this. While I was really thinking about gray or black those mid Century lines totally sold me. Bonus, total time shopping for furniture less than half an hour. Go Scout!


I love mid-Century furniture. I like the lines and the small scale. It works here. To tie the blue chairs with the new green furniture John painted the wall behind the painting lime green. I am not allowed to paint anything. There was an incident in another town with a red wall, but that's a story for another time.


I do love these Bertoia Diamond Chairs. They are vintage. And were my friend Nita's. Too make our small space look bigger I use dainty legs and as much see through furniture as possible.


I can't decide if I ended up with a Barbie Dream House Living Room or a Mad Men Cocktail Lounge. Either way it is fun and fresh and a colorful update.