Repro Depot Pattern Books

G reat books, these are finely crafted. Obviously some serious thought went into how they would be used. I really appreciate that kind of thought process as I try hard to think things like that thru when making a font.

Everything about these books appeal to me. The colors... the 225 textile patterns are also digital files on the CD... So a graphic artist could manipulate the files or someone less computer savvy but crafty could make color copies of the pages. There is even a section in the back of the book with suggested craft projects.

I kept running across these and decided that I should have them. I will use them to look at when I am thinking. I got them because of an upcoming font Paisleys and Swirls (Thanks Debbie for the suggestion). These books are a take on vintage and vintage inspired fabrics. And while I won't copy anything they will be fun to look at as I think and draw.