Reknit and Reuse...

I was inspired by podcaster Brenda Dayne's last series of reusing, using things up, and using things you already have. I decided to save one of my first pair of knitted socks. To a non-knitter you may wonder why but it takes HOURS of knitting and about $20 worth of yarn to make one pair.

So I cut the socks off just above the heel and knit the heel using some purple tweed, then I switched to some self striping yarn to finish up. All yarn from my stash. I actually like these better than the original.

This process reminded my of going home to visit my parents. I'd spend some time chatting and knitting, usually socks. My Dad came from a family of 10 and would tell me about his Ma as he called her, knitting socks for the family. She used a sock knitting machine, which I wish I had. When the socks were worn out she would cut them off at the heel and reknit them just as I did.

(Laurie, the original socks were knit in some lime/purple Lorna's Laces yarn you gave me once!)