Ready, Set, GO!

Tomorrow is opening day of the Signature Hunting Season in Wisconsin!

Thousands of people are poised with clipboards and petitions to fan out across the state in order to gather about a million signatures to recall

Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Although it may sound insane to attempt such a thing in November and December weather, we’re excited. Talk of recalling Scott Walker began almost as soon as he was elected but, according to state law, we had to wait a whole year to begin.

We have already recalled and replaced two Republican Senators this summer, and we may try to recall more Senators while we’re at it with our clipboards. I’ve been calling Wisconsin’s unprecedented grassroots effort “overthrowing our state government one recall at a time”. Thanks to the far-sighted framers of our state constitution, we can take these extraordinary measures—although recalls demand extraordinary effort so they will never be undertaken lightly.

Last week, all over the country, voters occupied ballot boxes to express their strong preferences. For example, Ohio’s unpopular anti-collective bargaining measure was overturned by a huge majority. Now is the time for all Americans to pay very close attention to the health of our democracy and to Occupy Polls. We must remind our legislators—through elections and occupations and protests— that they were elected to represent people, not the powerful special interests that lobby and donate to their campaign coffers. Here once again is my video To: Occupiers Everywhere From: Wisconsin