Ray & Rae

My Dad died yesterday about 4 PM. He went to sleep in the hospital bed in the living room and and did not wake up. We had been home last weekend and his breathing was very labored and he was uncomfortable. Just as we were loading the truck to move to Madison last July we learned that Dad had lung cancer. Both he and Mom had been heavy smokers in their day but had not smoked for many years. I started my blog in part for my Dad when we went to Paris. It allowed him to follow along on the trip with us and relive his time there in WWII. And then I kept on blogging for him as his world got smaller as he cared for my Mom who has Alzheimer's. My father was such a good man. He was a generous and kind man. He was a strong man. And strong of faith. He was a family man who loved his family and adored his wife. My Dad was a saint of a man. He has kept Mom at home and he cared for her himself until he was unable to do so. I feel like the best parts of me are because of my Dad. He taught me to always give a little more than I got. And when I don't feel like being generous I think of what my Dad would do and that makes me go that extra step. Dad was 87, he had a long and full life. I got to have him a good long time. I will miss him.