Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey

I am unpacking and sorting books that I have not seen in over a year. And found this one. A keeper. I am not a great fan of personality tests. But I am of the Myers-Briggs. That test and this book told me more about myself than I can ever tell you. For one thing I am an INFJ. That means that I am introvert, intuitive, I feel things rather than think them and am given to making and keeping schedules. I found the test I took and I burst out laughing at my score Thinking 0, Feeling 18.

What really put things in perspective for me was that I am in a 1 percentile. Well that would explain my always feeling different and not ever feeling like I fit in. John is in an 80th percentile. He fits in where ever he goes. That alone was greatly helpful to me.

I think this is a must read. And figure out who your significant other is too. We share no commonalities. None. We are an opposites attract situation. And while that make things interesting it does not give you that shared understanding of how the other person things or feels.