Pinterest is an interesting new site. It is a virtual pinboard. It gives you a place to pin things you have found on the internet. You make categories or pinboards where you pin things. You can also follow other people's boards and repin cool things they have found. You need to request an invitation on their site to be allowed to start. Someone invited me to join but I heard there is a link to request an invitation.

These Doc Marten polka dot oxfords caught my eye. I pinned it on my Style pinboard. I can add a comment and the website so I can go back to it at a later date.

This is what my page looks like. It gives me a place to put examples of typography, graphics, home decorating, art related things.... Lots of people really go crazy and pin tons of stuff which is great. Those are interesting to look at. You can follow your friends or total strangers and see what they pin. I am trying to keep it simple because this could just become another big time suck for me. And I already spend more time at the computer than I want to. The way I will use it will be as another organization tool for all the visual info that is out there.

And of course there is also an app for Pinterest for the iPhone.